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Penthouse condo just south of Rosarito, Baja, Mexico - Available for rent!

Dining, Drinking, Surfing:

Surfing:  The condo is located on a series of right hand point breaks, some of the best spots that Baja has to offer.  There is also a sand beach break next to walking distance to the north with a nice right that comes in.  But for the most part, bring your booties and a full suit.

Las Rocas: Rosarito’s nicest hotel is a half mile down the road.  It has a great pool, jacuzzis, restaurant, spa, and is as close to a Vegas style pool scene that Baja has to offer - with DJs in the summer and poolside service.  Tell the gate guard you are there for the restaurant or spa.

The Castle Restaurant:  Next door is a great restaurant with a good ambiance and atmosphere and the owner, David, will be happy to serve you.

Calafia Hotel and Restaurant: Just to the north on the point is Calafia Hotel.  The patio dining provides spectacular views looking south at my condo and the entire coastline.

Rosarito:  The condo is a few miles and a $15 cab ride to town.  El Nido is a superb restaurant.  Tacos El Yaqui one block east from Rock N Roll Taco is the best taco stand in Baja.  There is plenty of shopping.  And the nightlife of Papas and Beer offers up standard Baja youthful misbehaviors.

Tapanco Steak House Tapanco is the new sister restaurant to the famous El Nido.  It is half way to Rosarito, making it a closer alternative.  If you are looking for fine dining south of the border, I highly recommend Tapanco.

Puerto Nuevo: This classic little restaurant village is a few miles to the south.  It is known for countless restaurants offering lobster and margaritas in addition to some local shopping.

La Fonda:  Even further south is La Fonda restaurant, renowned for the Sunday Brunch.  Just before La Fonda are the dunes where ATVs can be rented.

For reservations or more information, please contact:

Scott Brooks * (949) 279-0069